Come along and make a night of it at Zinc’s Zingo Bingo!

Our Cash Bingo nights have been running for over six months now and are proving very popular indeed.  Hardly surprising really when you think about it. You get the chance to win cash, plus have a fun night out with your friends! You can even get something delicious to eat to help you focus and concentrate on winning!

But what happens at Zingo Bingo we hear you ask? And even more importantly how much can you win?!

Well…it’s all very straightforward really.  You come along to our beautiful building and make your way into our theatre and get ready to play!  Make the choice of buying a whole book for £10 or half a book for £5; either way you will play every game but the amount of numbers you have to look for will be halved.

Before the games start our fully licensed – and very well priced – bar is open and the cafe is on standby for your interval pre-orders.  Pop along and choose from scampi and chips, chicken wraps, chicken and chips and other favourites.

Bingo Winner

Then the games begin!  We use a professional system, the numbers are both called and displayed on the large screen to ensure you don’t miss a single number.  Prizes are awarded for a single line, then two lines, and then a Full House.  For a single line you can choose between a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Once we hit the double lines then the cash prizes begin!

ALL the money from the sales of books go into a cash prize pot  – so the more books that are sold the more money you can win! Just look at one of our lucky winners from last month with her envelope of cash…



The last Wednesday of each month. Doors open at 6.30 for Eyes Down at 7.30pm.