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UAS is a programme of nationally recognised accreditations, they are programmes which can be tailored to fit around a learners needs in order to support not only in education but in social life. They are prized by employers across the country, as well as by students who gain both pride and confidence from attaining a nationally-respected award.

UAS at Zinc

Zinc has created a unique course, under the UAS (Unit Award Scheme), which allows us to offer accreditations. Because learning is tailored to each individual student, which builds confidence, self-esteem and emotional well-being. All courses focus on communication, creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

UAS combined with the environment that has been created at Zinc is a winning combination, with an ever-growing community of learners that continue to thrive here at Zinc.


10am – 12:30pm  Tuesday

Our Employability course focuses on the real-life skills you need to make the transition into employment. Be it voluntary, an apprenticeship or paid work, we provide you with the training you need to achieve your goal.

The course covers a wide variety of skills, many of which are things that people wish they had learned in school before they started work! It also focuses on empowering people to discover their own strengths and learn how to highlight these in a variety of situations.

Build your confidence, practice your interview techniques and leave with a certificate that demonstrates your full range of skills and capabilities to potential employers.

1:30pm – 4pm Thursday

Learn all the skills required to work in a busy café environment, in a course that offers a unique insight into the catering world. You will be planning, preparing and serving a full menu, practicing your baking skills and covering all of the essentials in a supportive and professional kitchen.

Leave the course with a new level of confidence, whether you wish to pursue a career in the food industry or gain a new level of independence.

You will gain a City and Guilds Food Hygiene Certificate as part of your qualification, and work-based learning is also available.

10:30pm – 3:30pm Friday

Explore your creative talent here at Zinc Arts. Experience Dance, Acting, Directing and Performing; whilst working as a team to bring your shows to life through set, costume and stage designing and creating.

The Biz focuses on the skills involved in creating a performance. Participants are encouraged to develop their roles and responsibilities in a supportive environment. The course supplies the opportunity to engage in the learning, practising and implementing of creative skills covering areas such as: Dance, Acting, Script Writing, Prop Making, Costume Design, Directing and Performing.

During the term, participants will collaborate with professional creative artists in order to inform their learning and contribute towards the makings of their show. At the end of each term, members of The Biz will perform and present their skills through the showing of the production they have been working to friends, family and members of the public.

At Zinc Arts we support our students in their learning, making sure they are devel- oping and engaging at a rate and level best for them. Our unit levels start at Entry level progressing through to Level 3.

10am – 12:30pm Thursday

Ever wondered how your favourite film was made? Come along to our film making course and learn all about the different techniques employed to take a concept from script to screen.

We give you practical, hands-on experience with a camera, lighting and sound equipment and editing software. Whether you dream of being the next big Hollywood star or Stephen Spielberg then our course is for you.

10am – 12:30pm Wednesday

Everyone can be an artist. Come and explore the world of art and design through practical projects at Zinc. The course has an emphasis on the exploration of different art forms and the techniques used to create them, with students completing a number of different practical art projects.

Produce work in the style of world-renowned artists, and learn the techniques to ensure you can create pieces that reflect your creative vision.

1:30pm -4pm Wednesday

Does capturing every memorable moments interest you? Does the idea of being able to take professional images excite you? Then this is the course for you, learn the skills to take the best snaps.

Exploring everything from type of camera to lighting and angles to editing. This courses covers it all and will set you up to capture the next moment with confidence.

“I feel so much more confident about my own abilities after completing my course.”
“The Biz was amazing—I really want to run my own theatre one day!”
“I was really worried about learning something new, but the teachers made it really fun and it didn’t feel like learning!”
“I’ve learnt so much and I know I’ll stick by what we’ve learnt forever.”
“It gets more fun every week!”
Age Restriction
These programmes are for anyone aged over 16 years old. No previous experience with the course subjects or involvement with Zinc is necessary to join.
UAS Term Dates A/W18
Current Terms
The 2017/18 term dates are (weeks commencing):
Autumn: 4th Sept—20th Dec.
Spring: 2nd Jan —29th March.
Summer: 16th April—20th July.

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