It’s been a busy and exciting term so far for The Biz, our creative arts UAS Course for adults (16+) with Special Educational Needs.

To start the term our students took part in a number of visualisation and goal casting sessions, using emojis to express their thoughts and emotions about 2019 and what they hope to do and achieve.  This evolved into creating moodboards of how they see 2019 and their vision for the coming year.

This term is a skills based term, which means there is no formal performance at the end of the term, although students will of course get plenty of opportunty to perform during classes. By not having a formal performance it allows us to focus more on specific areas and really work on and develop their individual skills.

The last week or so has seen a focus on script writing and reading, using the Wizard of Oz as a base, which has naturally also built on their existing very impressive improvisation abilities.   We’ve all hugely enjoyed these sessions and there has been some amazing work resulting from the classes.


A huge thank you to all our wonderful students for being so brilliant to work with – we are very lucky indeed to have such enthusiastic and inspiring people on our courses.