What an incredible afternoon we had here last Friday.  We were treated to a inspiring end of term showcase performance by The Biz; our creative arts UAS course.

The show was a demonstration and celebration of all the work they have put in so far this term and featured some wonderful singing, dancing and drama work.  Particularly moving was the WW1 scene with a tribute to the Christmas truce with a beautiful rendition of Silent Night, demonstrating a great understanding of the era.

Demonstrating great creativity the students also made props and designed the set for the show.

Our students are all individual and have many personal strengths, which they celebrated with their performance of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman; a very apt piece we felt.


As one, we were inspired, moved and above all very very proud of our UAS Students.  The Biz continues until the end of term, with the Christmas party during the last week.