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What is the SEN Summer School?

Summer is coming!

The weather is getting warmer and the days longer; school and college will soon be out for the holidays – YAY! But what will our students/residents/volunteers and children do with their spare time?

Zinc have the answer!

A summer school focused around independent living and building confidence for next steps. With a range of courses focused on everything disabled adults need to know in order to live more independently or be more confident with day to day tasks. Money management, cooking basic meals, keeping fit day to day and the importance of mental health.

The Summer School has something for everyone with creative activities, focused workshops, like-minded people and special guests.

Whether you book on to 1 course or all 5, Zinc is looking forward to meeting you in the summer.

What will you do at SEN Summer School?

Each day focuses on a different topic, with each day as a different course running for 6 weeks.

Well-being Mondays

You and your health are very important. In this course on personal care you’ll use your own creativity to explore all aspects of well-being; including hygiene, keeping fit and mental health.

Money Management Tuesdays

Who doesn’t love a little money? Understanding how to manage your money couldn’t be more fun in this course, where you will cover British currency, budgeting, savings and value for money.

Independence Wednesdays

Living independently is exciting so why not make your chores just as rewarding! Learn about day-t0-day necessities and how to make them enjoyable. We’ll cover laundry, meals, what to do in an emergency and more.

Catering Thursdays

Food, oh wonderful food! But what is good, healthy and well balanced? What are recipes and how do I follow them and what are the correct utensils to use and how to do so safely in the kitchen? These are just some of the areas this course will cover.

Creativity Fridays

Friday is the day to chillax, time for some well deserved ‘me time’, so why not lose yourself in some creative art activities? Take to your own imagination whilst sculpting, sewing, painting and creating zentangles.

Who is it for?

The Summer School is accessible to all unrestricted by age, ability or diagnosis. This may include;

  • Older adults
  • Adults or young people with mental ill health.
  • Adults or young people with learning disabilities and/or special educational needs
  • Adults or young people with physical and/or sensory impairment

If you are aged 14+ and are looking for high quality day service activities through the summer the Summer School is for you.  Students are welcome from all areas across the region, whether you’re from Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or even further afield.

When is SEN Summer School?

The Summer School runs every weekday from 31st July – 25th August 10.30am-3.30pm

Each day is a different course running for 6 weeks at a cost of £160 per course

  • Well-being Mondays
  • Money Management Tuesdays
  • Independence Wednesdays
  • Catering Thursdays
  • Creativity Fridays

Discounts are given for multiple courses booked.

  • Book 2 courses – 10% OFF
  • Book 3 or more – 15% OFF
  • Group booking of 10 or more – 20% OFF

How can you take part?

To book your place or find out any further information, please contact Fran George at Zinc.

Address: Zinc, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0AD

Tel: 01277 365626


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