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Only Fools and Horses Charity Comedy Dinner Show

Saturday 14th October.

Charity dinner show fundraising money for Save our Maddi

Lovely Jubbly! We're delighted to be hosting a comedy dinner show to raise funds for local charity 'Save Our Maddi'.

The Only Fools & Horses Comedy Dinner Show is an interactive theatre and dinner show where the audience dine in Del Boy’s very own restaurant.

The show

You will simply love this hilarious tribute featuring all of your favourite bits from the classic sitcom. There’s everything from Batman and Robin to blow up dolls, from hooky goods to club singer, Tony Angelino’s infamous performance of ‘Crying’.

Del Boy’s up to his old tricks, Rodney’s on the run from Damien, Trigger has lost his broom and Uncle Albert is desperate to sing his sea shanty.

Classic comedy chaos as only the Trotters could serve up. Bonnet de douche!

What happens on the night?

The show begins in the bar over pre-dinner drinks, where the audience are greeted by the characters. Then, when the time comes, the audience are invited through into the restaurant where they are served a three course meal.

The show is half-scripted and half-improvised by the actors, taking place around the audience whilst they eat. It references all the most famous bits from the original show whilst having a narrative all of its own.

The Bar People will be serving your drinks for the evening and will also create a special themed cocktail for the night.

After the show concludes a charity auction for Save Our Maddi will take place

Save Our Maddi

Maddi was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called SPG15 otherwise known as Spastic Paraplegia Gene 15. Unknown to us Maddi had been harbouring this condition until she reached 13 years old, at this point she started to struggle with walking.


SPG15 is classified as a motor neuron disease but it is very rare in fact at present it appears there is no one else in the UK with this and it is thought to be a possibility of less than 20 people in the world with this disease type. It is known to develop paralysis in all four limbs and also causing abnormalities in the brain. In addition if affects the peripheral nervous system impairing vision and hearing, it can also bring on early juvenile Parkinsonism. At present there is no cure!!

It is progressive autosomal recessive disease which means that both parents have passed on a mutation to the ZFYVE26 gene causing Spastic Paraplegia type 15.

The disease is taking hold and gradually disabling her legs as it progresses. We do not know the speed nor when and where it will end. We need to act quickly so we can stop destroying Maddis capabilities.

What happens next...

Save our Maddi is a non profit organisation which was started in 2016. The family have been searching across the globe to find some form of treatment and refuse to give up hope. The purpose of this organisation is to research and find a cure or treatment for SPG15. At present we have been given some hope for the future as Sheffield University of Neurosciences (SITRAN) have offered to research Maddis disease to hopefully produce a gene therapy strategy. This is great news for us, however we have to financial support this research program for a cure as Maddi is solely the only SPG15 patient in the U.K. at present.

They would like to thank everyone for their support.

With your help they have raised £124,000 so far!

Zinc would like to help them get to there target which is £224,000 by the end of 2017.

Read more about Maddi by visiting

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