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Sing and Sign

Sing and Sign is a new weekly group for babies from 0 to 30 months. Come and join in with Britain’s longest running and best loved baby signing programme. Free taster session for new starters.

9.45am to 10.45am. Age: 0 to 30 months.

What is Sign and Sign?

Sing and Sign is a wonderful program designed to allow you to communicate with your baby, bridging which can be an otherwise frustrating gap before speech develops.
So from as young as 6 months old, you could fully understand your baby’s needs and wants, diminishing any misunderstanding!

About Katy

Katy started her journey with her son, he loved the songs, music, familiarity and repetition of the classes. At 10 months old his first word was “tractor” and beautifully pronounced.
She enjoyed the ethos behind baby signing so much that she decided to make it her day job.
‘I have been a Sing & Sign teacher for 18 months and I absolutely love my job! It is such an amazing journey to experience with each child and parent, from when they are tiny and attending Babes, right through to when they graduate from Stage 2. It’s overwhelmingly rewarding as a teacher to see the wonders of baby signing, giving parents the keys to unlock their own children’s little worlds.’

How to book:

Please contact Katy to book.

E: katyprentice@singandsign.co.uk

T: 07816 579354

For more information:


£60 per term. FREE taster session.

What do others think?

“I cannot imagine life without signing with her. It helps us so much, not only for day to day things such as asking for food, sleep, nappy changes, etc. but also in play…. reading books, at the park, singing songs etc.” Michael, Sign and Sign Website Review

Cafe at Zinc

Why not stay after the session and enjoy a drink and cake with your little one?.  Our cafe is open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays with a full range of sandwiches and meal options.