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Let’s ((Bounce)) Ongar

((Bounce)): fitness made fun.

Performed on mini trampolines, this energetic exercise class promotes a fit body and a fun time.

Session Timetable

Bounce Beats 6.30pm

Bounce Balance 7.15pm


What is ((Bounce)) Balance?

Our unique bodyflow class on trampolines includes elements of yoga and pilates highlighting strength, muscle tone and flexibility. This challenging session is full of balance, hold and contract moves to test your fitness while still incorporates bouncing routines. A great addition to our high intensity cardio-based class its perfect for anyone who likes a little zen incorporated with a tough workout.

How to Book?

Book at: Bounce Ongar



 “Bounce is amazing !! I started going because I need to loose weight for my wedding next September. Before I went to bounce i tried on a wedding dress and it was a size 16. They couldn’t even do the back up it was so tight and I came out of the dress shop in tears because I was so embarrassed. Today I went to another dress shop and tried on my dream dress in a 14 and they zipped it all the way up and it also needed taking in at the waist. Not saying my journeys complete but I think that’s a big step in the right direction. None of this would have been possible without the coaches at bounce. They are so friendly and motivating that I feel so excited to go every week. They really push you to do your best. You get such a buzz when it’s done. You all have to try it !!! #nopainnogain “

All reviews from the ((Bounce)) Ongar Facebook Page.